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Laser Douglas crashes in Colombia

A Laser Aereo Colombia Douglas DC-3 en route from San Jose del Guaviare to Villavicencio declared emergency on approach to Villavicencio. The plane crashed on a rural dirt road near Villavicencio and burst into flames. All of the fourteen aboard perished. The mayor of Taraira, Meta, was traveling on the crashed plane. Pilot Jaime Carrillo, co-pilot Jaime Herrera and aviation technician Álex Moreno also died in the crash.

In 1945, this plane served in the US Navy and AirForce.

The telephone line 311 564 3040 has been set up for information and assistance to the families of the victims. Both Laser and the insurer will be assisting the families of the victims of this incident,” the communication states.

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Arall Aerolineas Llaneras Plane Crashes after Emergency Landing in Colombia

Arall Aerolineas Llaneras Douglas plane returned to make an emergency landing and crashed outside Puerto Gaitan Airport, Puerto Gaitan, Colombia, on April 7th.

The Douglas DC-3, en-route from Puerto Gaitan to Villavicencio, Colombia, had just climbed out of Puerto’s runway when the left hand engine failed, prompting the crew to return and attempt for an emergency landing.

The plane was completely destroyed.

All 3 crew members onboard were evacuated.

Two crew members suffered injuries and were taken to hospitals.

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