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Small Plane Makes Emergency Landing at Claremont Municipal Airport

A small plane made an emergency landing at Claremont Municipal Airport, New Hampshire, on May 3rd.

The plane was returning from Nashua, New Hampshire, when the pilot reported that he was unable to lower the landing gear. Airport authorities said in a new release, “After exhausting all possible remedies, the pilot advised that he would be attempting a landing with only the nose gear down and locked… The pilot came in on Runway 29 and set the plane down and it skidded to a halt.”

The pilot, John Wilson, of Lebanon, New Hampshire, remained unharmed.

Flydubai Plane Continues for Safe Landing in Iran after Flaps Problem

flydubaiFlydubai flight FZ-251 continued for a safe landing at Mashhad International Airport, Mashhad, Iran, on March 29.

The Boeing 737-800, flying from Dubai, UAE to Mashhad, was on approach to runway when the crew was unable to extend the flaps, prompting the plane to hold mid-air and use alternate flaps for landing.

The plane landed successfully.

All passengers onboard remained safe.

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