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Coming together to Counter Airport Insecurity

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The current state of things requires us to be vigilant anywhere we go these days. I have been thinking of a starting an ongoing conversation regarding safety. I am troubled by Esteban Santiago’s Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport attack on Friday afternoon. Any traveler who puts as many miles as I do on a plane is bound to be as troubled. We should try to find suggestions, and solutions, and speak out.  

Here’s what I’m thinking: Federal laws allow you to check-in handguns, rifles and ammunition.  I’ve been thinking there’s a literal bandaid that would help—a red banner or flag or something that sticks on the luggage that states LEGAL FIREARM INSIDE. As a consequence, if we see this banner on the carousel, we are informed. We know to be vigilant, without having to be vigilante.  

If baggage claim areas have armed guards, that would be another step. They can’t do it all and it will take time to implement.  My banner idea can be implemented immediately.  If individuals are uncomfortable having such a banner, then they should rethink shipping their weapons out ahead of their travel as cargo or something.  

What possible, realistic solutions do you have?

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MTV’s The Challenge Helicopter Crashed in Argentina; 2 Killed

A helicopter working on MTV’s show The Challenge crashed in Mendoza, Argentina, on December 12.

The Bell 206 helicopter was traveling to a shooting location when it went down.

There were two people aboard at the time, including the pilot and a technician, both of them were killed.

The cause of crash is being investigated.

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Morgan Freeman’s Jet Crash-Lands at Tunica Airport

Morgan Freeman’s private jet crash-landed at Tunica Airport in Mississippi, on December 5.

Authorities said the plane, carrying the 78-year-old actor, ended up in a dirt field after landing.

According to Morgan, “I was on my plane on the way to Texas to shoot a segment for The Story of God. Sometimes things don’t go as planned and a tire blew on take-off which caused other problems. But thanks to my excellent pilot Jimmy Hobson, we landed safely without a scratch. I cannot say the same about my plane. I appreciate the concern and prayers for our safety.”

The plane was flying from Clarksdale, Mississippi.

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Plane Crash in Colombia Kills Tom Cruise Movie Crew Members

paraguay_crashA twin-engine Aerostar aircraft crashed into Alto de la Clarita Mountains in Medellin, Colombia, on September 11.

Authorities believe the aircraft, that was being used in shooting of Tom Cruise’s upcoming movie Mena, crashed due to bad weather.

Two people were killed in the accident, including a Colombian native, Carlos Berl and a Los Angeles film pilot, Alan David Purwin. Another American pilot, Jimmy Lee Garland, sustained severe injuries and was taken to hospital.

Universal Pictures said in a statement, “On behalf of the production, our hearts and prayers go out to the crew members and their families at this difficult time.”

LAX Shooting update, Shooter’s name released

In the shooting incident at LAX, one fatality has been reported and six others were injured.

The shooter, identified as 23 year old Paul Ciancia, was wearing fatigues and carrying anti government literature saying that “he wanted to kill TSA and pigs.”

Some victims were hospitalized at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. According to a tweet, “Three male patients were transported to Ronald Regan UCLA Medical Center. One is in critical condition and two are in fair condition.”

Witnesses said the young gunman asked around looking for TSA agents. Witnesses heard up to 20 shots.

LAX: TSA Shooting

A Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agent was shot at a Terminal 3 checkpoint at Los Angeles International Airport.

Swat responded. Los Angeles Police Department put LAX on tactical alert. An evacuation of the airport followed. All planes with flights heading to the airport were held at their points of origin.

The incident began at 9:30 a.m. at Terminal 3 at LAX. A twitter from John Fostrom said that “a lax colleague walks closer to see what is going on and TSA person runs at him with look of terror. Colleague turns to me and says run!”

A gunman with a rifle fired shots in Terminal 3. A twenty-nine year old man was shot in the leg at 9:30 a.m. and someone else was also wounded.

The gunman was taken into custody alive.

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