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Reno Airshow Fatalities Rise

What: Aero-Trans Corp. DBA North American P-51D-15-NA Mustang (mod.)
Where: Reno Stead Airport, Nevada
When: 16-SEP-2011
Who: 11 fatalities, 1 aboard (2 on the ground)

Eleven people have died so far in the Reno air show crash:

  • Pilot Jimmy Leeward
  • Joseph Wogan, 22, of Arizona;
  • George and Wendy Hewitt of Fort Mohave, Ariz;
  • Regina Bynum, 53, of Texas;
  • Sharon Stewart, 47, of Nevada;
  • Greg Morcom, 47, from Washington state.
  • Michael Wogan, 22, of Scottsdale, Ariz.;
  • Regina Bynum, 53, of San Angelo, Texas.
  • Craig Salerno

Stewart was a paid staff member at the airshow, and Salerno was a volunteer. Spectator Cherie Elvin is missing, and her husband, two sons, and daughter in law each lost part of a leg.

The names of the seventy injured (and all of the fatalities) have not been released, but there are hundreds of stunning accounts of the accident.

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