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Satena Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Bogota

Satena flight 9R-8729 made an emergency landing in Bogota, Colombia, on February 20th.

The plane took off from Quibdo, Colombia, but suffered tire damage during departure.

The crew continued the flight and landed uneventfully in Bogota. Emergency services inspected the plane upon arrival.

All passengers and crew members remained safe.

17 Soldiers Killed after Military Helicopter Crashes in Colombia

A military helicopter crashed near the town of Pensilvania in Caldas Department of Colombia, on June 26th.

The helicopter went down while it was travelling from Quibdo city to the military base at Tolemaida.

Seventeen soldiers were killed in the crash. According to President Juan Manuel Santos, “The soldiers were in the region of Uraba on a reconnaissance flight, many of them were experts in drone aircraft, others were supporting military operations against the National Liberation Army guerrillas.”

It is believed that the accident happened due to poor weather conditions.

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