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Primera Air Nordic Plane Overruns Runway in Iceland

Primera Air Nordic flight 6F-108 overran the end of the runway at Keflavik International Airport, Iceland, on April 28th.

The incident happened after the Boeing 737-800 plane flying from Alicante, Spain, landed during heavy snowfall.

There were 137 people aboard at the time; all of them remained safe.

The incident is being investigated.

Primera Air Nordic Plane Makes Emergency Landing in France

Primera AirPrimera Air Nordic flight 6F644 had to make an emergency landing in Nantes, France, on February 28th.

The airline said that the Boeing 737, en-route from Tenerife, Spain, to Stockholm, Sweden, was diverted after the crew heard unusual noise coming from one of the engines.

The plane landed safely. All 169 passengers aboard remained unharmed.

Some passengers reported that the plane’s engine was on fire.

The incident is being investigated.

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