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Small Planes Hit Each Other during Parachutist Competition; 4 Killed

Two small planes crashed into each other near Godollo, Pest County, Budapest, Hungary, on September 18th.

The planes collided during a parachutist competition, when one of them lost contact with the air control.

4 people list their lives in the crash.

The crash remains under investigation.

Israeli Warplanes Came Dangerously Close to Ryanair Passenger Plane

Two Israel Air Force F-16 fighter jets almost crashed into a Ryanair passenger plane near Ovda Airport, Israel, on March 1st.

The passenger plane was en-route from Krakow, Poland, to Ovda airport, Israel, when two fighter planes, engaged in the training exercises, came “dangerously close”. The Ryanair pilots changed the course at the last minute to avert the crash.

The flight FR-2616 was carrying 162 passengers at the time.

The airline confirmed the incident but said that “These military aircraft were at all times over 3 miles away from the Ryanair aircraft, so the reports of a ‘nearly crash’ or ‘evasive manoeuvres’ are all false and invented. All passengers on board the Ryanair aircraft noticed nothing, since our aircraft never diverted from its cleared flight path to Ovda.”

Southwest Jets Clip Each Other at Bob Hope Airport

southwest_airlines_logoTwo Southwest Airlines jets were involved in an accident at Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, California, on June 6.

Southwest Flight 2183 was parked at the gate when Flight 4721 that was pushing back from the gate, clipped wings with it.

All the passengers were disembarked safely and both aircrafts were taken for inspection. An airline spokesperson said, “Our employees are working as quickly as possible to re-accommodate all customers… Safety is our number one focus and we will conduct an internal review to identify the details surrounding event.”

The FAA is investigating.

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