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Small Planes Collided Mid-Air above Switzerland; 7 Injured

small planeTwo small planes collided midair over Wil, a town in St. Gallen canton in northeastern Switzerland, in the afternoon of August 24.

According to St. Gallen Canton Police, both the aircrafts, one en-route from Lommis airport in Thurgau canton and the other flying from Zurich, were able to land in emergency after the collision.

One of the planes landed in a field. All 4 people aboard this plane, including the pilot, were seriously injured.

The second plane landed in a Sitterdorf airfield, injuring the pilot and 2 passengers on board.

The cause of the collision is under investigation.

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Two Ryanair Planes Collided at London Stansted Airport

RyanairTwo Ryanair Boeing 737-800 planes collided in the parking area of the London Stansted Airport, Essex, at around 6:50 a.m. on June 28. One of the planes was about to take off for Warsaw, Poland, while the other had just landed from Frankfurt Hahn, Germany.

The tail cone of one plane and the wing tip of the other was damaged in the collision. A spokesperson of the Stansted Airport said, “We can confirm two aircraft were involved in a minor collision while on the ground at Stansted this morning. Both planes suffered some damage but there were no reported injuries to passengers or crew.”

The passengers of the out-going flight had to face a three-hour delay before they were transferred to another plane.

Robin Kiely, the spokesperson of Ryanair, said, “Our Stansted-based engineering team are currently investigating and will repair both aircraft and return them to service as soon as possible… Ryanair sincerely apologises to the affected passengers for any inconvenience.”

Essex Police responded on the scene. They conducted routine breath tests on both of the pilots. There were no signs of alcohol. No further police action will be taken.

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Two Passenger Planes ‘Nearly Collided’ Midair in New Jersey Says NTSB’s Report

According to a preliminary report released by the NTSB, two passenger planes ‘nearly collided’ mid-air last month near Newark Liberty Airport, New Jersey.

The incident happened on April 24 when a Boeing 737-800 aircraft, registered to United Airlines was about to land at the airport while an Embraer ERJ145 aircraft belonging to ExpressJet flight was taking off. At about 3pm, the distance between the two planes was recorded to be only 200 feet laterally, and 400 feet vertically.

The report revealed that “The local controller recognized that the spacing was insufficient and instructed the B737 to go around. He provided traffic advisories to both the B737 and the ERJ145 pilots and instructed the ERJ145 pilot to maintain visual separation from the B737. The ERJ145 pilot responded that he was going to keep the aircraft’s nose down. The B737 overflew the ERJ145 at the intersection of runways 29/4R”.

There were 47 passengers and 3 crew members aboard the ExpressJet flight while the United flight was flying with 155 passengers and 6 crew members on board.

Midair Collision in Phoenix Kills 4

On May 31, 2013, a Transpac Aviation Academy Piper out of Deer Valley airport, and a Westwind School of Aeronautics Cessma were fifteen miles from the Deer Valley Airport when they collided.

Two people were aboard each flight, and there were no survivors.

The Cessna caught fire after impact.

Passengers names have not been released.

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