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Bell Prototype Experimental Helicopter Crashes in Texas

snapshot of prototype chopper in action
snapshot of prototype chopper in action

NTSB investigating fatal crash of Experimental B525 Helicopter

Two pilots died in the crash of the experimental Bell Helicopter 525 Relentless at 11:45 today. The names of the two pilots killed in the crash have not been released.

The helicopter crashed 45 miles south of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. The FAA is en route, and the NTSB is investigating.


Read more about the Experimental Bell 525 Relentless Next Generation Helicopter here
The Bell 525 Relentless, featuring the ARC Horizon flight deck system, provides unparalleled crew situational awareness through the use of a fully integrated avionics flight deck coupled with an advanced fly-by-wire flight control system, resulting in enhanced safety levels and mission capabilities.

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