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Helicopter Crashes in Indonesia with 27 aboard

What: Nyaman Air Mil Mi-8MTV
Where: Tembagapura, Mimika, Papua Indonesia
When: Oct 9, 2012
Who: 27 aboard
Why: The chopper made a hard landing near mile 66. Twenty four or five passengers (18 Indonesians and seven citizens of other countries) and three crew survived the landing, though the helicopter sustained damage.

There were no fatalities, but the number of those aboard has been reported from 27 to 29 with either 2 or 3 crew, and 24 or 25 passengers.

US PT Freeport Indonesia evacuated the passengers who were hospitalized briefly with minor injuries.

A Russian news report said that two of the pilots were Russians.

Right after takeoff, the flight lost altitude and struck a tree.

Ministry of Transportation Republic of Indonesia

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