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Norwegian Air Flight Diverts to Minnesota due to Unruly Passenger

Norwegian Air flight DY-7080 made an emergency landing at Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport, Minnesota, on December 5th.

The plane heading from Oakland, California, to Charles de Gaulle Airport, France, was diverted due to an unruly passenger.

The plane landed safely.

The flight continued after the police escorted the disruptive passenger off the plane. He was taken to a local hospital.

Norwegian Air Flight Passenger Makes Bomb Threat Midair

Norwegian AirA Norwegian Air flight en route from Copenhagen, Denmark to Oslo, Norway had to make an emergency landing in Sweden, due to a bomb threat from an on-board passenger.

The Boeing 737, carrying around 94 people, was on its way on April 25 afternoon when a passenger told a crew member that he had placed a bomb in the cargo hold. Following the threat, the plane made emergency landing at Landvetter airport, Gothenburg, Sweden, at around 3.30pm GMT.

Lasse Sandaker-Nielsen, the spokesperson for Norwegian Air said “Passengers have left the plane and the man who had warned of the bomb is under control by the police.”

Björ Blixter, a Gothenburg Police official said that the investigation is underway.

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