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Transwest Plane Makes Emergency Landing due to Icy Windshield

transwest airA Transwest Air plane had to make an emergency landing in Stony Rapids, Northern Saskatchewan, Canada, at around 8 p.m. on November 20.

The Piper Navajo aircraft, which departed from Stony Rapids at around 7 p.m., faced heavy ice built up on the windshield during the flight to Fond-du-Lac. Authorities said the plane had to turn back because Fond-du-Lac airport did not have facilities for de-icing.

The plane landed without incident. Transwest Air chief operating officer Garrett Lawless said that hot air from the engine was used to clear a section of windshield. He confirmed that all 7 people aboard, including 2 pilots and 5 passengers, remained unharmed.

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