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Russia: Helicopter Crashes, 7 dead, 3 survive

What: NARZ Mi-8T helicopter RA-22376 en route from Kyshtovka
Where: Strezhevoy, Omsk Region Krapivinskoye field
When: Nov 25, 2010, 12:12
Who: 7 crew
Why: It is reported that on approach, the helicopter went into uncontrollable rotation with subsequent separation of the end beam and the screw gear , then it fell on its side about 50 yards from the landing site. With tanks filled with fuel, they ignited, and the helicopter exploded. It was reported there were 7 crew fatalities and 3 surviving boat crew. Three survivors, who are in the hospital, are Chernov Stanislavski, Kosolapov Victor Ye, Laktyuhin Oleg. Two are stable, one has burns. The helicopter was carrying 1600 kg of food.

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