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Bird-Struck Nok Air Flight Makes Emergency Landing at Surat Thani


Nok Air Flight DD7805, heading from Nakhon Si Thammarat to Bangkok’s Don Mueang airport, made an emergency landing at Surat Thani airport, Thailand, at about 8:20 a.m. on August 31.

The pilot requested permission for emergency landing after the left wing of Boeing 738 aircraft was hit by birds. The aircraft made an uneventful landing and all 139 crew and passengers remained unharmed.

According to Atthaporn Nuang-udom, director of Surat Thani airport, “The crew and passengers were then assembled in the airport’s arrival lounge. NokAir arranged for another aircraft to pick them up and flew them safely to Don Mueang on Sunday morning.”

Delta Flight 5322 Lands in Emergency at Springfield-Branson National Airport

DeltaA regional flight of Delta airlines made an uneventful emergency landing at Springfield-Branson National Airport after a problem in its wing flaps was identified.

The Flight 5322 was carrying 50 passengers when shortly after take off, issues with its flaps were noticed. The pilots then returned towards Springfield, circled around the airport to burn off the fuel and finally made an emergency landing at about 10:35am on Monday, April 5.

All the passengers and crew members were safely evacuated.

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