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U2 Singer Bono in Mid-Air Scare

U2 singer Bono had a midair mishap on November 12 when the luggage-compartment door of his private Learjet 60 fell off over Germany.

The incident happened when rockstar was on his way from Dublin to Berlin, to perform at the Bambi Awards.

The plane landed safely at the Berlin Schonefeld Airport at around 12:26 a.m. Besides Bono, there were 4 passengers and 2 pilots in the plane. None of them was harmed.

Germout Freitag, from the German Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accident Investigation, said, “The ground crew realized the door was gone and two suitcases had fallen out…Officials have not yet located the two suitcases or the hatch door, but they have been able to pinpoint the area where they are likely to have landed by the radar.”

The cause of accident is under investigation.

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