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Algerian Plane Crash Kills 77, One Survivor

Seventy-seven people were aboard a twenty-four year old missing C-130 Hercules (#7T-WHM) that was flying from Tamanrasset to Constantine when it crashed into Mount Fortas in Algeria. The wreckage was discovered on Feb 11, 2013. The Algerian TV and Radio initially reported 102 fatalities, but updates say there were 78 aboard.

The Military Lockheed C-130H-30 Hercules was flown by Al Quwwat al-Jawwiya al-Jaza’eriya.

There were four members of the crew and seventy-four passengers which included men, women and children. The assumption is that these were soldiers and military families.

One soldier aboard the military transport survived; he is hospitalized in a military hospital in Algiers.

The plane broke into three parts on impact. Fifty-five bodies were recovered on the rugged terrain in showy conditions.

Lockheed Martin who built the plane will be assisting the investigation. The plane may have been on approach to Constantine Airport.

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