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United Airlines Plane Returns to California due to Fuel Shortage

united airwaysUnited Airlines Flight 869 returned to San Francisco International Airport, California, on the night of October 10.

The plane, heading towards Hong Kong, had to make emergency landing due to fuel shortage.

The plane landed safely.

Everyone aboard remained safe.

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China Southern Plane Diverts to Netherlands

China SouthernChina Southern Airlines flight CZ303 was forced to divert and make an emergency landing at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Netherlands, on the afternoon of August 3.

The Boeing Dreamliner, heading from Guangzhou, China, to Heathrow Airport, London, had to be diverted after it ran out of fuel mid-air.

The plane, with a capacity of boarding 335 passengers, landed uneventfully.

No injuries were reported.

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Fuel Shortage Forces Allegiant Air Plane to Make Emergency Landing

AllegiantAllegiant Air flight 426 had to make an emergency landing at Hector International Airport, Fargo, North Dakota, on July 21.

The airport was closed for the US Navy’s Blue Angels’ rehearsals, when the pilot requested an emergency landing due to dangerously low fuel level.

The plane landed safely and all 114 passengers and 6 crew members aboard remained unhurt.

It is believed that the Boeing MD-80, en-route from Las Vegas was scheduled to land at the airport 12 minutes before it was closed, however, the flight’s take off was delayed.

The incident is being investigated.

Zenith Zodiac Makes Emergency Landing in Southern Utah

Zenith ZodiacA plane carrying 3 persons had to make an emergency landing in Hurricane, Southern Utah, after it ran out of fuel on the morning of June 22.

The Zenith Zodiac plane took off from St. George Municipal Airport for Hurricane, with the pilot, Myron Porter, his son-in-law and 4 year old grandson aboard. While they were flying over Hurricane Valley, the aircraft started indicating low fuel. The pilot then decided to make an emergency landing in a grassy field near 869 South 400 West, Hurricane, Utah.

The plane safely landed at about 8:26 a.m. All three passengers remained unharmed. The plane sustained minor damage.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene along with the local police and Hurricane Fire and Rescue officials.

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