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Seventy-Two Children Treated at Heathrow Airport After Falling ill Midair

AmbulanceSeventy-two children aboard Emirates flight EK007, coming from Cape Town, South Africa to Heathrow airport on Sunday, suffered from diarrhea mid air.

The children aged 10 to 14, were part of a Welsh choir. They were on their way back after performing in Cape Town when they began vomiting. The crew members then requested emergency services at Heathrow airport to provide medical aid to the sick children.

Especially trained paramedics from the ‘Hazardous area response team’ were waiting at the scene when the Airbus A380 touched the ground. Sixty Children were treated at the spot while 12 were taken to a hospital. The hospital sources confirmed that all children were released late night after they received treatment for diarrhea.

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