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Brussels Airlines Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Belgium

Brussels Airlines flight SN-357 made an emergency landing in Brussels, Belgium, on June 12th.

The Airbus A330-300 plane took off for Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, but had to turn back due to issues with the weather radar.

The plane landed safely. All passengers and crew members remained unharmed.

Seven Killed as Cargo Plane Overshoots Runway in Congo

A cargo plane plowed into a residential area in Mbuji-Mayi, Democratic Republic of Congo, on December 24.

Authorities said the Airbus 310 plane, operated by the cargo company Services Air, overshot the runway due to rainy weather and near-zero visibility before hitting several houses.

At least seven people on the ground were killed in the accident. The plane was carrying four crew members at the time; all of them remained unhurt.

The accident is being investigated.

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