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Naval Helicopter Returns to Newquay Airport due to Engine Issue

A British International Helicopter (BIH) Dauphin helicopter had to return and make an emergency landing at Newquay Cornwall Airport, United Kingdom, on December 15.

Authorities said the Eurocopter AS 365N2 Dauphin, based in HMS Drake, Devonport, had to declare an emergency after it developed an engine issue.

According to an airport spokesperson, “We can confirm that an AS65 helicopter with two persons on board made a precautionary return to Cornwall Airport Newquay at approximately 0930 this morning having experienced an issue with one of its engines. The aircraft landed without problem.”

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Small Plane Makes Safe Landing after Propeller Comes Off Mid-Air

A small plane had to make an emergency landing at the airstrip of The Point at Polzeath golf course in Polzeath, Cornwall, United Kingdom, on October 14.

Authorities said the pilot of single-engine 1936 Aeronca aircraft requested an emergency landing after its propeller came off mid-air.

The plane landed without incident. The pilot remained uninjured.

The plane was heading from Bodmin to Roche.

Engine Fire Prompts French Military Plane to Make Emergency Landing at Newquay Airport

military planeA French air force E121 aircraft had to make an emergency landing at Newquay airport, Cornwall, UK, on the morning of November 21.

Emergency was declared after the plane’s engine caught fire while it was on its way back to Avord air base in France with 2 people aboard.

According to a Newquay airport spokesperson, “We were contacted by the aircraft to say they had an engine fire which they extinguished before they arrived at Newquay…They decided they needed to take a diversion from their training flight. They aircraft arrived safely and the emergency services weren’t required.”

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