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Ryanair Plane Rolls Backwards and Crashes into Ciampino Airport Fire Station Building

RyanairA Ryanair Boeing 737-800, parked at Ciampino Airport, Rome, rolled backwards 40 metres and rammed into an airport fire station on June 5.

The accident occurred shortly after the aircraft landed and disembarked all the passengers.

The incident caused a damage worth of £200,000 to the rear stabiliser of the plane. The ‘tail wing’ of the £72m aircraft was torn apart. The garage of the fire station at the airport was also damaged externally.

According to a spokesman for Ryanair, the airplane was parked but was not properly secured by the ground handling staff of ‘Groundcare’. The airline has demanded an investigation into the incident.

A spokesman for Ciampino airport said: “We are investigating the cause of the incident and whether proper procedures were followed. We are aware of reports that chocks were not in place and that’s why the police have also been involved and a criminal investigation is also under way. Until that is completed there is nothing else to say.”

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