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Carpatair Plane Overruns Runway in Sweden

CarpatairCarpatair flight 2N-4856 overran the runway after failing to stop before the end of the runway at Gallivare Airport, Gallivare, Sweden, on April 6th.

The Fokker 100, flying from Arvidsjaur, Sweden, had landed on Gallivare’s runway when it could not stop and ended up with its nose gear on soft ground.

The plane received minor damage.

All 55 passengers onboard remained unharmed.

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Romania: Emergency landing

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What: Carpatair Fokker 70 en route from Timisoara to Iasi Romania
Where: Timisoara
When: Jun 13th 2011
Who: 72 passengers, 4 crew
Why: After pressure problems were detected on board, the flight returned to Timisoara where it made a safe landing.

A replacement Fokker was provided, although passengers experienced a delay.

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