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Embraer Issues Worldwide Alert after VA Found Fault in Aircraft’s Bolts

EmbraerEmbraer has issued a worldwide alert after heavy maintenance carried out by Virgin Australia on June 26-26 pointed out a fault in the engine-holding bolts of Embraer 190 aircrafts.

Out of 17 Embraer 190 aircraft present in the fleet, 9 had issues with the bolts which hold the aircraft’s engine in the engine pylon, attached to the wing.

The airline grounded all 9 aircrafts for repairs and informed the Brazilian manufacturing company of the issue. Embraer then issued an alert service bulletin to all the airlines operating Embraer 190 aircrafts. The Civil Aviation Safety Authority was also informed about the problem.

A statement released by Virgin Australia airlines said, “These aircraft have since undergone the necessary precautionary repairs and have since returned to service… At Virgin Australia, the safety of our aircraft is our highest priority and we have been in regular dialogue with Embraer regarding this alert.”

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