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Recent Airline Accidents since the Tam Air Crash in Sao Paulo

30 November 2007; Atlasjet MD83; near Keciborlu, Turkey:
Domestic flight from Istanbul to Isparta disappeared from radar screens. The crew had requested permission to land and subsequently crashed in mountainous terrain near the town of Keciborlu 7.5 miles from the Isparta airport. All seven crew members and 50 passengers were killed.

16 September 2007; One-Two-Go Airlines MD82; Phuket, Thailand:
Scheduled domestic flight from Bangkok (DMK) to Phuket (HKT). After landing heavy rain and poor visibility , the aircraft skidded off the runway, impacted trees, and caught fire. At least 89 deaths, including 85 of the 123 passengers and five of the seven crew members.

20 August 2007; China Airlines 737-800; Naha, Japan:
After landing at Naha on the island of Okinawa, the left engine caught fire and the crew initiated an emergency evacuation. All 157 passengers (including two toddlers) and eight crew members survived. This event did not result in a passenger death.

9 August 2007; Air Moorea Twin Otter; Moorea, Frech Polynesia:
Scheduled domestic flight from Moorea (MOZ) to Tahiti (PPT) crashed into the ocean shortly after takeoff. The single crew member and all 19 passengers were killed.

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