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Australian Scientist Claims Monitoring Cloud Changes Can Help Locate MH370

While the search for missing MH370 continues, an Australian scientist has claimed that cloud microphysics can help in locating the plane.

According to Hydrometeorologist Aron Gingis, the technology is capable of identifying the cloud changes caused by the vapor trails which are left behind by fuel emissions of the plane. He claimed that this technology has been successfully used to track shipwrecks in the Pacific Ocean.

In a formal communication to the Malaysian High Commissioner Eldeen Husaini, Gingis wrote on April 3, “I believe that we have a realistic chance to follow flight path of Malaysian Airline MH370 and follow its flight direction and possibly identifying its landing or crash site…I would be required to fly to KL and to have a detailed briefing with Malaysian search and rescue authorities in order to be able to identify and search for specific satellite availability and all satellite data imagery frames that we can analyse using our cloud microphysics algorithms. The traveling to KL and back to Melbourne and 1 day briefing session will be sufficient to explain to your search and rescue authorities as of our ability to identify the flying trails of MH370…I believe that we will be able to utilize our expertise and identify the flight pass of MH370 and then to direct the search and rescue authorities to save or recover MH370 passengers.”

Gingis offered to provide help for $17500, however, both Malaysian and Australian authorities have rejected his offer.

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