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AirAlgerie Flight 5017 Wreckage found near Gossi in Mali. Update

The crash is confirmed of the McDonnell Douglas MD-83 flight, which embarked from Ouagadougou Airport in Burkina Faso for Algiers-Houari Boumediene Airport in Algeria. None of the six Spanish crew nor the 112 passengers survived. The current estimation is that the pilots encountered a sand storm, and redirected due to weather. The plane was found in an area in Mali.

The MD-83 was owned by the Spanish company Swiftair, and leased to Air Algérie. A wet lease, which is what Air Algérie had, means that the operating crew was included in the lease.

The initial list of passengers included 51 French, 27 Burkinabe, eight Lebanese, six Algerians, five Canadians, four Germans, two from Luxembourg, one Cameroonian, one Belgian, one Egyptian, one Ukrainian, one Swiss, one Nigerian and one Malian, but this list has been updated several times.

Swiftair has released the following:

Footage of the crash site of Air Algerie flight 5017 first broadcast in Burkina

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