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Allegiant Air Flight Makes Emergency landing at McCarran International Airport

AllegiantAllegiant Air Flight 500 had to make an emergency landing at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada, on June 22nd.

The plane took off for Indianapolis, Indiana, however, one of its tires deflated during takeoff, prompting the crew to turn back.

The plane landed safely. All 202 passengers and 7 crew members remained unhurt.

LAX Conducts Plane Crash Drill to Test Emergency Response Time

Los Angeles International Airport conducted a full-scale plane crash simulation on April 13th.

The two-hour drill, which was conducted to test the emergency response time, used a Boeing 777 plane that crashed and caught fire in a debris field.

Around 500 emergency personnel, including firefighters, participated in the exercise, while 150 volunteers acted as crash victims.

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