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1 Killed, 1 Injured as Small Plane Crashes at North Little Rock Municipal Airport

A small plane crashed at North Little Rock Municipal Airport, Arkansas, on May 5th.

Authorities said the Cessna 310 aircraft went down while the pilot was trying to return to the airport due to a mechanical issue.

The pilot Daniel Shure, 30, was injured while his only passenger was killed. The deceased was identified as Doyle G. Reynolds, 56, of Jefferson, Arkansas.

The accident is being investigated.

Small Plane Crashed in Colorado Mountains; 5 Killed

mountainA twin-engine plane crashed in San Juan Mountains, in the north of Silverton, Colorado, at around 4:15 P.M on September 6.

The immediate cause of Cessna 310 crash is not yet known.

At least 5 people lost their lives in the crash.

San Juan County Sheriff’s office and NTSB are investigating.

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