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Cirrus Aircraft Makes Parachute Landing in Blue Mountains, NSW

CirrusThe male pilot of the Cirrus SR22 aircraft landed the plane with a parachute in the yard of a house at Lawson, Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Australia, at 2.10pm on May 10.

The pilot deployed the parachute of the aircraft at 1300 meters due to reasons not yet known. He successfully avoided houses and major power lines before parachute landing.

Both the people on board miraculously survived; only one had to be transported to hospital for neck pain. However, the front fence of the house was damaged.

Sydney Flying Club president Allan Bligh said “Cirrus light planes have a handle in the cockpit which, when pulled, fires off a cover-plate and deploys a parachute”. He further said that the pilot probably used it for the first time in his life.

Cirrus claimed that by January this year 85 lives have been saved by use of these parachutes when pilots or passengers have activated the system. There are about 200 of these aircrafts registered in Australia, mostly owned by businesses for trips of up to 1800 kilometres.

Parachute Saves 3 Lives in Connecticut “float”-Landing

On Jan 23, 2013, a single engine Kenyon Flight Cirrus SR20 was engaged in a training flight, Groton-Danbury, near Danbury Connecticut. Aboard was an instructor, the pilot trainee and a friend of the trainee. The pilot was on approach to Danbury Municipal Airport two miles away when the plane suffered a loss of power.

The pilot deployed a rocket-fired parachute system and floated down to land without hitting anything in a parking lot near South Street and Wixted Avenue at about 7:30 p.m. The parachute did become tangled with electrical wires.

The pilot and two passengers were injured but survived.

The parachute is being credited with saving their lives.

Power was cut to unentangle the parachute, resulting in an electrical outage that affected about a thousand homes.

Falcon Crashes in Inyo County, California.

On December 27, 2012, an Air National Guard Falcon lost power over Owens Dry Lake in Inyo County, California.

The Air National Guard pilot, who was on a training mission was the only one aboard. He ejected and the plane crashed.

There were no injuries.

The Air National Guard is handling the investigation, according to the Inyo Sheriff’s department.

The pilot was admitted to Southern Inyo Hospital.

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