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Small Plane Crashes in Beaver County, PA; 2 Injured

A small plane crashed into a tree in Beaver County, Pennsylvania, on September 16th.

Authorities said the Piper J3C-65 plane went down in the 200 block of McKenzie Road, Hanover.

There were two people aboard at the time, both of them were injured. They were taken to Allegheny General Hospital.

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Treestrike Kills Pilot Short of Runway

A privately owned Cirrus SR22 en route from from Moorabbin Airport was on landing approach when it struck trees and crashed in Boxwood. The plane crashed north of Benalla a city in northeastern Victoria, Australia.

The plane impacted trees near the private airstrip.

The 51 year old pilot died at the scene.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau and CASA are investigating.

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Ultralight Pilot Walks Away from Crash

On January 21, 2013, a Rotax 447 ultralight was flying, clipped treetops and crashed after takeoff.

The pilot, Randy R. Roman took off at 2:45 pm and shortly later crashed on Mendoza road in Manatee County.

The pilot was uninjured but the ultralight was a total loss. After crashing his homebuilt ultralight, reports say Roman called his wife and asked for his toolbox, without letting on anything was out of the ordinary.

He attributed his crash to “the corrosive effects of ethanol in his fuel caused…the fuel cap to flake off into the tank and plug a fuel line.”

Student Pilot in Palo Alto Lesson Scare

What: single engine Beechcraft Musketeer on student flight
Where: East Palo Alto’s Ravenswood Open Space Preserve
When: 08/23/2011, 9:30 am
Who: instructor and student pilot
Why: While practicing touch and go maneuvers at Palo Alto Airport, the plane’s engine failed.

When the engine failed, the plane went down in the Ravenswood Open Space Preserve. A plane crashed there in Feb of 2010, which shook the neighborhood, but many locals were unaware of when this incident happened. This was an emergency landing, although the plane went off course after glancing against a tree.

Both Instructor Jassen Todorov and student pilot David Shoemaker survived.

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Pilot Dies Fighting Fire

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Contact photographer Salvador Carrazoni García

What: Air Tractor AT-802, registered to FAASA Group Aerodromo Sebastian Almagro Ctra, operated by FAASA Chile Servicios Aeros LTDA en route from a landing strip in the vicinity of Santa Juana, Chile
Where: Santa Juana, Chile
When: January 9, 2011
Who: Pilot, passenger
Why: While maneuvering at a low altitude (water drop) during a fire fighting mission, the plane collided with trees. The Spanish pilot, Antonio Fernandez, died in the crash. An observer was injured. The tanker is owned by la empresa Faasa Chile.

The injured observer, David Guzman Henriquez was hospitalized at Hospital del Trabajador Concepción

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Olive Branch Plane Crash

What: Vectair USA plane en route from Olive Branch Airport.
Where: Fifteen miles from the airport, in Fayette County Tennessee on Price Road, near Knox Road and Highway 57 in Moscow.
When: 3:30 p.m. January 31, 2009
Who: Pilot Killed
Why: The plane clipped the tree line, crashed into a field then slid into a pond.

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