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FAA and Santa Monica Settlement

2006 USGS airphoto

WASHINGTON–The Federal Aviation Administration and Santa Monica, California agreed on the future of Santa Monica Airport.The city agrees to maintain continuous and stable operation of the airport until December 31, 2028. After that date, Santa Monica has the right to close the airport.Santa Monica can shorten the airport’s single runway from 4,973 to 3,500 feet and is obligated to enter into leases with private aeronautical service providers to ensure continuity of service, until it decides to provide services on its own.

Malibu Beach Crash

What: Northfield Aviation single-engine Sky Arrow 600 taking off from Santa Monica Airport
Where: in the ocean off Malibu Beach
When: Oct 7 5:15 p.m
Who: Two men were on board: One was Griff Horner, 70, an experienced pilot and helicopter instructor. Critical injuries.
Why:The incident is under investigation.

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