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Helicopter Pilot Dies during Fair

Carl R Enlow was killed by a helicopter rotor at the Bloomsburg Pennsylvania town fair.

Enlow was a former military helicopter pilot who was giving rides. He was struck after his shift, in an accident. He was med-evaced by LifeFlight helicopter to Geisinger Medical Center where he died.

The Heritage Rotors LLC Enstrom F-28C helicopter was standing at the time of the accident, in the parking lot near gate five was in the process of gassing up between rides. Enlow was returning to the helicopter to speak to the next pilot when apparently his hat blew off and he reached for it.

The Bloomsburg Fair Association is donating their profit from the rides to Enlow’s widow, and a memorial fund is being arranged.

Helicopter Pilot Walks Away from Hard Landing

What: Enstrom F-28F helicopter en route from Elko, Nevada to Twin Falls Idaho
Where: Twin Falls, Idaho.
When: May 20, 2012
Who: Pilot
Why: The pilot reported that ten miles south of the Twin Fall Airport, he contacted the control tower that was inbound for landing. However, then he told ATC that he would not be able to make it to the airport with the problems he was having.

He subsequently made a precautionary landing to an open field with control problems with the helicopter. During landing, the helicopter’s tail boom separated from the aircraft.

The pilot is the owner of the helicopter, and was not injured.

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