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TAAG Angola Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing with Ground Worker Locked in Cargo Hold

taagTAAG Angola Airlines flight DT-655 had to divert and make an emergency landing in Lisbon, Portugal, on October 1st.

The plane flying from Porto, Portugal, to Luanda, Angola, was diverted after the crew was informed that a ground worker was suspected of being trapped in the cargo hold.

The plane landed uneventfully.

The ground worker was found in the cargo hold and was taken to hospital due to suspected Hypothermia.

The authorities said the worker had passed out while loading a box containing pet animals.

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Menzies Aviation Fined by Cal/OSHA Following Death of LAX Airport Worker

Following the death of a Los Angeles International Airport worker in February, Cal/OSHA has issued citations and imposed a fine of $77,250 on Menzies Aviation for allegedly violating 1 regulatory, 1 serious and 3 serious-accident related state safety codes.

On February 21, Cesar Valenzuela, a 51-year-old LAX worker employed by Menzies, was thrown out of a tow tractor while he was picking cargo without wearing a seatbelt. The investigations conducted by Cal/OSHA revealed that the safety policy of Menzies Aviation does not obligate the workers to wear safety belts while operating the tow tractors in and around the Los Angeles International Airport.

According to Christine Baker, the director of the Department of Industrial Relations, which oversees Cal/OSHA, “This fatality could have been prevented with a well-thought-out and implemented safety plan, as is required for all worksites in California.”

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