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United Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Zurich

United Airlines flight UA-53 made an emergency landing in Zurich, Switzerland, on August 23rd.

The Boeing 767-400 plane took off for Washington Dulles International Airport, Virginia, but had to return shortly afterwards due to cabin pressurization issues.

The plane landed safely. All passengers and crew members remained unharmed.

United Airlines Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Germany due to Gear Issue

United airlinesUnited Airlines flight UA-53 had to divert and make an emergency landing at Frankfurt Airport, Frankfurt, Germany, on April 24th.

The Boeing 767-400, en-route from Zurich, Switzerland, to District of Columbia, USA, was mid-air above France when the crew detected retraction problem with its nose gear, prompting it to divert to Frankfurt.

The plane landed uneventfully. All passengers aboard remained safe.

The passengers were rebooked onto other flights.

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