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TWA Flight 800 report Questioned

James Kallstrom, who headed up the investigation into the 1996 crash for the FBI says the original report is legitimate.

But six retired investigators from TWA, the National Transportation Safety Board, and the Air Line Pilots Association say the final report of the 1996 accident, “TWA Flight 800” was falsified. They say the accident was either a terrorist attack or a failed military operation. The cadre of retired investigators are calling for a new investigation by the feds. Others argue that there’s no question the explosion was an accident. 230 people died after Flight 800 took off from JFK.

Originally there were several theories put forward: a missile theory ,a bomb-on-the-plane theory, a meteor strike theory. All of these theories were discarded when an exploding fuel tank was concluded to be the cause.

The retirees have appealed to families to ask for the case to be reinvestigated. Many family members are disturbed by the idea of renewal of the case which they believe is simply hype to push a new documentary “TWA Flight 800.”

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