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Entrepreneur, Dies Piloting Plane, 2 Sons, Woman Passenger, 4 dead

What: Pilot/operator Ângelo Rafaeli D’élia Beechcraft V35 Bonanza # PT-CTL en route from Ponta Porã to Viracopos-Campinas
Where: Marabá Paulista, São Paulo, Brazil
When: October 1, 2011, 21:30
Who: 4 fatalities
Why: In the night, as rain was falling, the Beechcraft Bonanza en route for Campinas in Sao Paulo never made it to its destination, but crashed on farmland near Marabá Paulista, leaving a five foot crater. Four people died in the crash: entrepreneur Ângelo Rafaeli D’elia, 51, who was piloting the aircraft, the children Bruna D’Elia, 18 and Rafael Ângelo, 12 years, and Syhlvia Katheiny Torreta.

Reports are that the pilot was lost, and that someone aboard the plane was sick. They asked for assistance from London’s control tower.

Locals reported hearing an explosion when the plane impacted the ground.

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