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Plane Hits Car in Detroit

Hello three stooges airport, Detroit.

Delta Expressjet Flight 5365 was backing up before taking off for Tulsa (picture cartoon airplane backing up, and running in place. You know how cartoon figures always do that before they go fast…)

The wingtip of the Expressjet plane got stuck in the window of a vehicle around 4 pm on Sept 9 2013.

The vehicle is owned, operated and parked on the tarmac of Detroit Metro Airport by Skychef, which caters food for airlines.

I wonder if Skychef caters food for Expressjet? I wonder if SkyChef should paint their vehicles bright orange and haul on their roof a Times-Square sized Bulletin board that says “Don’t Hit Me, I’m Just the Caterer.”

Apparently the car was stationary and the plane was backing up when the hang-up occurred.

Maybe the Skychef vehicle was where it was supposed to be, since they’ve got to get food to the planes. We’re pretty sure that the plane was where it was supposed to be. In fact, we’re not sure if we should be sending a bucket of pavement striping paint to the airport, or a pair of those rear view glasses advertised on the back of a comic book to the pilot. Heads up folks. That could be a very expensive fender bender.

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