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Eastern Airways Jet Makes Emergency Landing at Aberdeen Airport

Eastern AirwaysAn Eastern Airways fight had to make an emergency landing at Aberdeen International Airport in Scotland on April 30.

According to an airline spokesperson, “Our crew were re-positioning an empty aircraft from Orebro in Sweden to Aberdeen and reported a cockpit warning indication relating to the aircraft’s Auxiliary Power Unit…There were no passengers onboard the Saab 2000, and the two pilots landed safely at 7.20pm…After vacating the runway the aircraft then taxied to its parking stand.”

The airline engineers were inspecting the aircraft.

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Small Plane Hits SUV during Emergency Landing

A single-engine aircraft clipped on an SUV during an emergency landing in Ardmore, Oklahoma, on the afternoon of October 26.

The plane departed from Norman, Oklahoma and was about to land at Ardmore Downtown Executive Airport when it lost power. The pilot then tried to land in emergency on Lake Murray Drive, however, the aircraft hit the top of an SUV before it landed.

The authorities confirmed that neither the pilot nor the passengers of SUV were injured.

The aircraft is registered to New Jersey based Topflight Aviation LLC.

The NTSB and the FAA are investigating.

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