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Vensecar Airline’s Cargo Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Trinidad

Vensecar AirlineA Vensecar Airline’s cargo plane had to return and make an emergency landing in Trinidad at about 8:45 p.m. on May 26, due to hydraulic problems.

The decision for emergency landing was made shortly after the Boeing 727 cargo aircraft took off from Piarco International Airport and was on its way to Venezuela.

According to the officials, the pilot declared full emergency at about 8:26 p.m. after he discovered trouble with the plane’s hydraulic system. The Venezuelan-registered plane was then turned back towards Piarco International Airport where it made an uneventful emergency landing.

Full emergency protocol was deployed at the airport with all the supporting agencies on stand-by.

The aircraft is being examined by the CAA and the Vensecar Airline crews.

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