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Small Plane Makes Emergency Landing Near Eagle County Regional Airport

A six-seater Cessna Centurion plane made an emergency landing near Eagle County Regional Airport in Gypsum, Colorado, on June 30th.

The plane flying from Montrose, Colorado, was on approach to the Eagle County airport when its engine failed.

The pilot subsequently declared an emergency and landed on McGregor road.

The pilot, who was the only one aboard, remained unharmed.

Ridgeway Reservoir Plane Crash Updates

Ridgeway reservoir

A single engine plane crashed about 90 feet from the shore south of Montrose on 22nd March, 2014. The incident happened while the plane was on its way from Oklahoma to Montrose regional airport.

A large piece from the tail of the crashed plane has been recovered from the reservoir. Rescue teams could not find the pilot and the other five people on board. It is assumed that there are no survivors of the crash incident.

According to the Ouray County emergency, law enforcement and public officials, the search and rescue operation is going on at the best, and the efforts will continue on Monday as well.

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