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Maldives Air Taxi Stormy Crash Landing on Hulhule lagoon, 9 Passengers Rescued

What: Maldivian Air Taxi DHC-6 Twin Otter en route from Lily Beach resort to seaplane lagoon
Where: seaplane lagoon on Hulhule Island
When: Feb 9, 2012, 12.08pm
Who: 9 passengers, no fatalities
Why: A Maldivian Air Taxi seaplane made a crash landing at Hulhule Island in heavy rain with low visibility.

None of the nine passengers aboard were seriously hurt, but some were in shock after the twenty-five minute flight. The passengers were Maldavian(1) British(2) and Vietnamese (4), were rescued within ten minutes and taken to the CIP ‘Koimala’ Executive Lounge for medical treatment.

The MAT plane is being recovered.

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