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Small Plane Makes Emergency Landing at Delta County Airport

A small plane made an emergency landing at Delta County Airport in Michigan, on November 3.

Authorities said the single-engine experimental Kitfox plane had to perform an emergency landing due to gearbox failure that stopped propeller movement.

The plane landed on the north side of the ramp and ended up into a ditch between taxiway and runway.

The pilot remained uninjured.

The NTSB is investigating.

Kitfox Plane Crashed in New Zealand; 2 Injured

A Kitfox plane crashed near Balclutha Aerodrome, New Zealand, on the afternoon of July 25.

The pilots noticed some engine trouble right after taking-off and decided to attempt an emergency landing, however, the plane crashed near the runway.

The plane’s owner, 46, who was a trainee, was flying the plane along with his flight instructor, 48.

Both men aboard sustained injuries and were airlifted to Dunedin Public Hospital.

New Zealand’s Civil Aviation Authority and the police will investigate.

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