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Small Plane Crashed at Eureka Municipal Airport

A small plane crashed at the Eureka Municipal Airport in Greenwood County, Kansas, on November 4th.

The plane was attempting to the land at the airport when it crash-landed and came to stop on its top.

There were two people aboard at the time, including the pilot George Douglas, 69, and his passenger Lawrence Stapleton, 55. Authorities said Douglas remained uninjured, however, Stapleton sustained minor injuries.

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2 Injured after Small Plane Crashed in Leflore County

A two-seater American Super Decathlon aircraft crashed in a cornfield in Leflore County about 4 miles west of Greenwood, Mississippi, at around 7 p.m. on August 16.

Two Leflore County men, 71 year-old Grady Perkins of Greenwood, and 44 year-old Matt Weldon of Sidon, survived with injuries. They were airlifted to the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson.

According to Perkins’ wife, he was a licensed pilot and was giving flying lessons to Weldon. They were practicing emergency landings when the single-engine plane lost power and went down.

Weldon, who suffered severe but non life-threatening injuries, managed to call 911. Ambulances and Leflore County sheriff’s deputies located the airplane in time to save them.

The plane is registered to Steve Jennings according to FAA records.

The FAA is investigating the crash.

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