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Germanwings Flight 9525. Remember.


Everyone aboard Germanwings Flight 9525 passed away on March 24, 2015.

One hundred fifty fatalities, from infant to senior. Passed away is a soft euphemism, not adequately reflecting the chasm left in those who were left behind. But the memory of those who were lost remains. If nothing else, the memory is an inheritance, even maybe a lesson to families to live in the moment. The families persist, still fighting on behalf of those they lost, for justice and compensation for something that can never truly be replaced. How sad that these lost souls had to travel to that point in place and time to lose their lives on a lonely mountain.

I believe these lost passengers and crew have left a legacy to their families, to be strong and proud and kind.

Strong in the backbone and endurance to brave the next day, knowing that gradually, each day carries a little less pain than the one before.

Proud in that strength of yesterday, today, and the time to come.

Kind in sharing compassion and empathy with the suffering of everyone aboard, everyone left behind, regardless.

I have met so many of these families. Their cause gives my life meaning. I will never forget them, and consider it an honor to fight alongside them for truth, for justice, and for equity.

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Return of Germanwings Crash Victims’ Remains Delayed

GermanwingsThe relatives of Germanwings flight 9525 crash victims have expressed “rage and despair”, after Lufthansa delayed return of the victims’ remains to Germany.

The plane, which crashed in France on March 24, was carrying 150 people, around half whom were German.

The airline had originally planned to bring the victim’s remains to Germany on June 9 and 10. However, on June 3, it sent an email to the families, informing them that the plan had been “temporarily interrupted” for an indefinite period.

Elmar Giemulla, an attorney representing several victims’ relatives, said “anger and despair are growing” among the families.

According to Germanwings spokesman Joachim Schoettes, errors in death certificates of victims forced the delay. “We’re working intensively on finding a solution as quickly as possible in the interests of the relatives,” he said.

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German Air Controllers Express Need for Remote Control of Aircrafts

In the wake of recent Germanwings flight 9525 crash, German air traffic control authority has expressed the need for remote control of aircrafts.

At a press conference on April 15, head of the Deutsche Flugsicherung air traffic control authority, Dieter Scheurle, urged the aviation industry to develop a system that would enable the on-ground staff to remotely command the aircrafts. “We have to think past today’s technology,” he said, adding that, “I wouldn’t say it’s the simplest solution though.”

However, according to German pilots’ union Vereinigung Cockpit, such a system would be prone to misuse as well. The union spokesperson Markus Wahl said, “We also have to ask whether such a solution would really be an improvement, after all it’s the pilots who are sitting in the cockpit and they’re the ones with all the information.”

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