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Lufthansa Cityline Flight Returns to Munich due to Fuel Pressure Problem

Lufthansa Cityline flight LH-2316 had to return and make an emergency landing in Munich, Germany, on February 13th.

The plane took off for Luxembourg but had to turn back due to a fuel pressure problem.

The plane landed safely. All passengers and crew members remained unharmed.

Small Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Indiana County River

Small planeA single-engine plane had to make an emergency landing in Kiskiminetas River, near Saltsburg, Indiana County, Pennsylvania, on August 23.

Authorities said the pilot decided to make an emergency landing after the aircraft developed mechanical problems and started losing fuel pressure.

The pilot remained unhurt and was able to swim to the shore.

The plane was taken to shore with the help of crane.

Ultralight Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Florida

An Ultralight plane made an emergency landing in a field near 1991 West Plymouth Avenue, Florida, on the morning of July 29.

The single-engine plane, with 2 people aboard, had to land in emergency after it lost fuel pressure.

The pilot, identified as Patrick O’Brien, and his passenger remained unhurt. The aircraft sustained minor damage.

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