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Allegiant Flight Returns to Lansing Airport due to Compression Issues

AllegiantAllegiant Air Flight 657, had to return and make an emergency landing at Capital Region International Airport in Lansing, Michigan, on August 7.

The Boeing MD-80 aircraft, carrying 166 passengers, took off for Orlando’s Sanford International Airport at about 11:42 a.m. However, immediately after taking off, a compression problem was discovered.

The plane was then turned back towards Lansing where it made a safe emergency landing at about 11:58 a.m. Airport spokeswoman Nicole Noll-Williams said, “Because it was a compression issue, it was a normal response for our public safety department to be prepared for an emergency landing.”

The passengers were safely evacuated and the aircraft was taken for maintenance.

Travelspan Flight Returns to JFK for Emergency Landing

TravelSpanA Guyana-bound flight of Travelspan, operated by Vision Air, had to return to JFK International Airport, New York for emergency landing on the morning of July 15.

Chief Operations Manager at Travelspan Guyana, David Goberdhan, confirmed that the plane had to return to JFK, just two and a half hours after leaving the airport, because of “compression” problems with one of its engines.

The plane, a 767-300, landed safely and everyone aboard remained unhurt.

The aircraft was taken for examination by the airline’s mechanical and technical teams. Another aircraft was deployed to take the passengers to Guyana.

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