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Compass Airlines Flight Diverts to PDX due to Disruptive Passenger

Compass Airlines flight CP-6054 made an emergency landing at Portland International Airport, Oregon, on February 13th.

The plane heading from Seattle, Washington, to Los Angeles, California, was diverted due to a disruptive passenger. It is believed that the passenger, identified as 21-year-old Douglas B. Smyser, kept walking toward the cockpit and had to be restrained.

The plane landed safely.


Compass Airlines Plane Returns to Washington due to Hissing Noise

compassCompass Airlines flight DL-5749 had to return and make a safe emergency landing at Seattle–Tacoma International Airport, Washington, on December 10.

The Embraer ERJ-175, heading to San Diego, California, had to return due to a hissing noise coming from one of its doors.

The plane landed uneventfully.

No injuries were reported.

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