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FAA Moves Up Allegiant Air Audit from 2018 to 2016

AllegiantThe FAA has confirmed that it is moving the routine audit of Allegiant Air from 2018 to 2016.

According to a statement, “The FAA is conducting a routine National Certificate Holder Evaluation of Allegiant Air. We do these on each U.S.-certificated airline every five years. We moved up the date for Allegiant’s evaluation from 2018 to 2016 to ensure that work the carrier is doing to address various internal issues has resulted in the desired improvements. We expect to have the evaluation done by late June.”

The evaluation schedule was moved due to a series of recent incidents. Recently, at least two Allegiant flights made emergency landings due to shortage of fuel. Furthermore, last week an Allegiant plane made an emergency landing in Phoenix due to engine failure.

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