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Panel From KLM Plane Falls Onto Highway in Osaka

A KLM plane dropped a fairing panel on a highway in Osaka, Japan, on September 23rd.

The incident happened when the Boeing 777-200 plane was performing flight KL-868 from Osaka, Japan, to Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The panel hit a car on the Keihan National Highway. There were two people in the car at the time; none of them were injured.

The plane continued to Amsterdam.

The incident is under investigation.

Pilot Injured after Medical Helicopter Crash-Landed in Tennessee

A medical helicopter crash-landed in Mountain City, Tennessee, on June 3rd.

The incident happened after the aircraft, belonging to Wellmont Health System and PHI Air Medical, was dispatched to pick up a car crash victim.

According to a statement released by Wellmont Health System and PHI Air Medical, “Soon after liftoff, the pilot, an employee of PHI Air Medical, which owns and operates the aircraft, identified a mechanical condition that required immediate landing. He executed emergency procedures to bring the aircraft to the ground, limiting risk to the passengers and damage to the aircraft.”

The pilot was injured in the incident. He was taken to hospital.

The incident is being investigated.

Plane Crashes on Road and Hits Car; 1 Killed, 5 Injured

A small plane crashed on an interstate and slammed into a car in San Diego, Southern California, on April 2nd.

According to sources, the plane crash landed on the lane and slid onto its right shoulder, slamming into a standing Nissan Altima.

The car passenger was killed in the crash whereas 5 occupants of the plane suffered from injuries of varying intensities.

The injured were taken to nearby hospitals.

The crash remains under investigation.

Small Plane Makes Emergency Landing on Interstate 595, Hits Car

A 1963 Piper PA-24 Comanche plane had to make an emergency landing on Interstate 595 in Davie, Florida, on September 24.

The pilot, identified as Scott Richmond, 58, said he had to make an emergency landing after the plane ran out of fuel. He was en-route from South Carolina to Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, Florida at the time.

The plane clipped the top of a 2003 Honda Accord before landing on westbound lanes of I-595.

No one was injured in the incident.

The plane and the car sustained minor damage.

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