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Day: <span>May 23, 2024</span>

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A plane from Libya, with a capacity for 400 passengers, lands in Managua

This is the second flight arriving in Nicaragua from Libya in less than a week, despite U.S. warnings about human trafficking involving individuals using Managua as a stepping stone to reach that country

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Karachi 2020 Plane Crash: Final Report Says PIA Aircraft Crashed Due To ‘Human Error’

Authorities in Pakistan have released the final report on the May 22, 2020, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) crash, four years after the incident. The report released by the Aircraft Accident Investigation Board (AAIB) said that the crash was caused by ‘human error’ due to a lack of coordination between the pilots of the Airbus A320 aircraft and the air traffic controller., Asia News – Times Now

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DARPA’s new high-speed, blended-wing VTOL X-plane

Aurora Flight Sciences has revealed its latest concept for a low-drag, fan-in-blended-wing body design for DARPA’s Speed and Runway Independent Technologies (SPRINT) program aimed at producing a high-speed VTOL aircraft for Special Forces missions.

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